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Energy Modeling Services

 KSGBT Solutions offers a complete portfolio of energy services to assess your specific situation and develop opportunities for improvement .We can help manage your energy costs, and create sustainable energy programme. We have provided energy services and advice to our clients for over a decade and our multidisciplinary teams can support you with our proven experience in energy assessments, asset management of energy infrastructure as well as the development of renewable energy solutions. Our goal is to enable you to manage your complete energy system in line with your strategic objectives. 


Emissions reduction management

Emission compliance

Low / zero carbon feasibility 

Renewable energy consulting, engineering and construction, geothermal, biomass, wind and solar energy

Climate Change Mitigation

Carbon Footprint Analysis

Emission Compensation


With our Environmental impact assessments and permit and approval assistance, KSGBT provides strategic services for a wide range of clients. We consider the environmental implications of our client’s business decisions before they are actually realised.

Our comprehensive planning and permitting services enable clients to strategically incorporate environmental considerations at the front –end development phase of their project, resulting in streamlined approvals and long term sustainability.

By integrating all aspects of environmental planning and permitting-from environmental impact assessment to public outreach programmes-with design, operational compliance and remediation, we can provide comprehensive environmental services throughout the life-cycle of a project.

Environmental impact assessments (EIA)

Remediation options appraisal

Regulatory negations services

Permit and approval assistance

Process/stakeholders involvement and management

Natural resource management surveys

Field studies/surveys

Mitigation plan and compensation


Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) programmed are often challenged by cofounding regulatory maze, available resources and corporate budget priorities

KSGBT Professional help overcome these obstacles by aligning sound EHS Planning with our clients overall business programmes.KSGBT EHS Management programmes focus on improving business competitiveness while integrating compliance with process upgrades.

One important service we offer is EHS Compliance auditing to assist our clients in meeting their compliance obligations.KSGBT has developed a cost-effective environmental compliance audit process that serves as valuable tool for identifying and responding to area of potential regulatory non-complience.We provide recommendations and strategies to assist in developing a system that addresses today’s requirements while providing a foundation for maintaining long term compliance.

EHS Compliance audits

Recommendations and follow up planning

Implementation and process management

EHS training

Management systems and pre-assessment audits




India’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) is to promote the conservation of biodiversity, sustainable use of natural resources and equitable sharing of the benefits of biodiversity.

Biodiversity is the term for every living thing on Earth from the smallest microscopic organisms to the biggest blue whale and the habitats they depend on.

Biodiversity also includes every one of us, although we currently pose the greatest threat to nature. We also offer the only hope for protecting and conserving the diversity of life for future generations.

The rich variety of life is essential for sustaining the natural living system, or ecosystems, that provide us with food, fuel, health, wealth and other vital services.

KSGBT provides the following:

Ecological impact assessments

Biodiversity action plans and audits

Marine ecology

Phase I habitat survey

Protected species and habitat survey

Ecological mitigation schemes and wild life habitat creation

Ecological data management and mapping

Policy development


Strategic Environmental Consultancy focuses on understanding actual and contingent liabilities associated with impaired assets that have the potential to create operational, regulatory and or third party liabilities. They are crucial to our client success.

We assist our industrial clients and financial investors in acquisition or divestment transitions that involve anything from single sites to global portfolios comparing a large number of properties. We advice strategic and trade buyers on due diligence assignments in the context of initial public offerings and privatisations. Additionally ,assignments  concerning investment evaluations based on the international finance corporation performance standards or world bank guidelines and concerning corporate environmental disclosure &financial reporting requirements(“fair value estimate”) are where we bring our extensive expertise to the table .KSGBT evaluates past, present and future business process with aim of minimising long term compliance costs, avoiding non-compliance and optimising industrial processes.

We do this all KSGBT skill sets into focused project specific teams to complete technical appraisals of existing industrial and commercial operations, buildings, infrastructure portfolios or development projects.

 Our services include

Environmental /technical due diligence audits

Vendor/buyer due diligence

Risk and cost scenario development

Upscale site reutilisation /site development


The most challenging prerequisite in the LEED for New Construction certification process is the Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 2: Minimum Energy Performance.

Energy Modeling uses computer-based software to simulate the energy usage of a facility (whether an existing building or one being designed), and compares it to a baseline building defined by ASHRAE. The building simulation includes the building location, local climate data, building orientation, and occupancy and operational schedules to reflect actual conditions as closely as possible.

Any project seeking Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum certification must demonstrate a 10 percent improvement above a building designed to comply with ASHRAE 90.1-2007 to as a prerequisite. (For major renovations, the requirement is 5 percent improvement in the building's performance.) The most effective means of earning this credit is through an application variously called the "Energy Model," "LEED Model," or simply the "Model," but officially the "Whole Building Energy Simulation Model." Whatever it's called, when done correctly, it can provide an extraordinary amount of information about a building's potential for energy savings, well before the first brick is even laid.

Energy Modeling is the process in which Building Model encompasses building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information and quantities and properties of building components.
It uses three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software to increase productivity in building design and construction.

It primarily helps in deciding:

  • Building envelope (Wall, Roof and glass)
  • HVAC systems and its components at design stage along with its performance and its incremental cost

Advantages of energy simulation:

  • Simulation allows various energy alternatives to be investigated and options compared to one another
  • Ultimately the process helps to evaluate the energy cost of the building over longer period of time
  • The process can quickly evaluate the energy savings of building design options and the impact of integrated design before a building is built
  • It can estimate energy savings and other benefits for justification of investments
  • Can analyze energy load profiles for typical buildings, plan future expansions and develop energy programs