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Who We Are

Karishma Smart Green Building Technologies(P)Ltd (KSGBT) Solutions India’s Strategic Sustainability Consultancy takes a holistic view of sustainability challenges in relation to our client’s property, construction, industrial, residential and infrastructure challenges. Our activities incorporate a programme that avoids unnecessary impacts on the built, natural and social environment whilst incorporating sustainability measures that results in enhanced reputational value and profits.

The Indian Government, public bodies and major industries are aligned behind a vision of sustainability which delivers India’s International Development Strategy.KSGBT offers range of support systems which will aid India in delivering improved environmental, social and financial management.

KSGBT provides ‘Property Lifecycle Services’ which deliver sustainability assessments of properties at design and built phases. India  has embraced this approach in recent years as it has became the regional leader with its own Green Building Rating  System (LEED/GRIHA) of evaluating property sustainability. Building Sustainability solutions is at the forefront of India’s commitment to sustainable development and the Indian Government is busy making new regulations to implement green building concepts in the country.

KSGBT India’s Consultants have many years of international experience providing in –depth sustainability knowledge and expertise to our clients. The breadth and depth of our skill base means that we can offer Strategic Sustainability Services ranging from environmental planning and permitting, energy and emissions, audit and accreditation, design lifecycle assessments, biodiversity/ecology, resource efficiency, commissioning, energy modelling and constriction to green buildings. These services are packaged as our operational support moving towards ‘Sustainability Integration’

Constantly striving to find solutions to complex industrial and societal challenges, KSGBT is relentless in pursuit to deliver the best projects safety and efficiently, whilst defining industry best practice. 

KSGBT envisions a world where safety and abundance exists for all people.  We acknowledge that everything is interconnected and that all actions must ensure that the well-being of earth and humanity is protected.  We see people and planet living in harmony without compromising the future of both.  To create this reality, we will pursue Smart Green Building Development Solutions.